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GVFI was inspired by Bisma Aria Nugraha’s passions on two things that can’t be separated from his life, MUSIC and BEACH (Bisma Aria Nugraha — The Bassist of Rocket Rockers, a Pop Punk Band originally came from Bandung City, Indonesia. Check : www.rocketrocksite.com). Besides of being a professional musician, he also doing his hobby in his freetime, which is surfing.

There are two techniques known in surf sport, the Regular/Natural Footed technique (left foot leading) and the Goofy Footed technique (right foot leading). Bisma is a Goofy Footed player. Thus, his surfing style becomes the idea of creating a brand named GVFI. The choose of word GVFI was intended to ease the word spelling in Bahasa Indonesia, and to be the differs among the existing names.